Bluebirds Event Management supply chain solutions ensures your material arrives on time at a competitive price.

Any size and any weight, anytime, anywhere, our team of experts will tailor a shipping solution based on your particular Event need.

We communicate closely with Event organizers to ensure we meet your needs from dropping at time specific times to the Marshalling yards or directly to your booth.

Bluebird personnel at the Event to liaise with your team to help handle;

  • Return paperwork processing with Event organizer

  • One off shipments via integrated carriers (FedEx / UPS / DHL)

  • Packing labeling of your material

  • Supplies (Shrink wrap / tape / markers)

  • Sign off of material so your team can leave

  • Storage of empty cases (pending venue)


  • Domestic & International Freight services

  • Trucking

  • Storage handling (prior to or after event)


  • Door to dock (Marshalling yard)

  • Door to booth

  • Time specific deliveries

  • Processing return paperwork with Event organizer

  • Return label processing

Paperwork Processing:

  • Commercial Invoices

  • Registrations

  • Carnets

  • Pre-Clearance

  • Temporary imports at International Events

IT Foundation:

  • Management reports

  • On-line bookings

Bluetrax (Track/Trace):

Bluebirds State of the Art operating system gives your shipment MAXIMUM visibility providing ALL parties involved email status updates. "One off" email addresses can be added in to keep your client advised.

  • Pickup up

  • Confirmed uplift

  • Arrival

  • Out for Delivery

  • Final Proof of Delivery (POD)

  • Threat of delay or actual delay will be advised immediately so we can react appropriately